The Gathering Storm

“Some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”
– Elven Proverb

The age of magic is dying. The elder races, once guardians of the worlds secrets, have fallen back to their fortresses. The last Dwarven ambassadors have returned to their halls and every year more Elves feel the urge to return to Dhamara.

While the traditional empires remain, such as Valenar, new powerful empires have risen to challenge their claims, traditions and values.

To the north Veld, lacking access to the strictly guarded secrets of the Valenar mage academies, has turned to the pursuit of ancient technologies left behind by the Dwarves. Hunted by Valenar priests for their use of these profane artifacts, until recently Veld had been but a small player on the world stage. Rumors of ancient technologies unearthed and the ability to craft life from metals remain unconfirmed.

At sea, no longer kept in check by Elven fleets, the southern coast has become home to numerous pirate kings. Banded together they form the Free Cities and extort a hefty fee on any merchant ships who are caught passing by their island chain.

And Jedda Tul, the battlefield of the War of Creation, still remains scarred and shattered. The Devils who entered this world have remained and Demons still lurk amidst the ruins of ancient fortresses long discarded. The lady of Pain lays claims to the region from her throne at the City of Chains, a city of sin where you can buy anything your heart desires – for a price.

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The Gathering Storm

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