The Gathering Storm

Return from the Mines

Something has broken free from the depths

Summary: The party returns to New Hope and meets with Russ Hammel. The party decides to inform Russ about the Mist but do not tell the villagers or Matthias Creel. Russ puts the man in a makeshift cell in the back of his stables. The party interrogates the hostage and find that he is a Veldian explore who was hired to explore and discover ancient dwarven artifacts. It appears that he hired two Tieflings to escort him north from Jedda Tul into Valenar. The party divides some items that were found on the bodies of the tieflings, specifically a magical dagger that allows an individual to briefly go invisible called a curfew dagger. Hayden takes the magical cloak one of the tieflings wore which grants +1 resistances. Zahora recognizes on of the longswords as an Elven longsword which allows her to use her dexterity as a bonus to hit rather than strength.

The party is confronted by Matthias and his men, who give an explanation for their actions against Hayden, explaining that they mistook her for Lilly Swevs an abdicate on the run. Hayden was a friend of Lilly at the academy, but does not share this information. The witch hunters congratulate the party on their successful investigation of the mines.



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