The Gathering Storm

The Search for Lilly

Hayden manages to get Linden to confess that he is helping Lilly hide in the woods until the Witch Hunters leave. Zahora realizes that the caves he has recently moved Lilly too are the Spider Caves and are not safe for her. The party ventures forth to find her and relocate her to somewhere safer. The party arrives at the spider caves to find many of the webs damaged and an empty bedroll and burn out fire. They venture further into the caves to discover that one particularly large spider has devoured the rest and cocooned Lilly. Something unnatural has happened to the spider, its eyes glow a strange green/yellow.

After defeating the spider the party cuts a poisoned Lilly free from the webs and nurses her back to health. She thanks the party and explains that she is on the run and hopes to journey to Jedda Tul, far from the reach of the kingsmen. Lilly explains that she was masquerading as a postman, and within her bag Zahora finds a letter form her lover. It explains that he has been captured and is being held prisoner in Jedda Tul. Zahora and Hayden agree to help Lilly flee the country with Linden. Hermatt agrees reluctantly to aid them as well.

The party is concerned over the way the animals have been acting and conclude that the spiders may have been exposed to the mist somehow and that it has a corrupting influence on all it touches.



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