Map Locations

Surrounded by the floating Isles the Elven homeland of Dhamara is an idyllic combination of rolling hills, orchards, villas and sprawling sea ports. Young Elves traditionally serve as fishermen to the villages, learning to read the sea and man a ship until it is second nature.

Elves are defined by their grace and poise, elves can be beautiful and fearsome. Most elves are both. Apart from their slender bodies, fine features, and pointed ears, elves look much like humans.

Elves that live on the island-continent of Dhamara are isolated, caring little for the world outside. Their most striking trait is how they revere their ancestors. This reverence is not just a custom – their ancestors walk among them.

Locations of Note:
The Floating Isles: Several small land masses are suspended in the air, circling Dhamara.
The Ivory Tower, Dhamara – A slender city of porcelain white buildings and towers. At the center is a huge library and open senate room for discussion. Beautiful gardens litter the city, and out side the city is a beautiful forest with sacred trees for the more druidic elves.


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