Jedda Tul

Map Location

City of Chains, Capital
A city engulfed in iron chains, inhabited by devils and humans alike. A city of sin and gambling many unfortunate souls end up indenturing themselves to sinister powers in their attempts to gamble for unimaginable fortunes. The City of Chains is ruled by a female succubus known as the Lady of Pain.

The Iron Collar
All Citizens of Jedda Tul wear an iron collar, fitted to them at birth and adjusted throughout their adult life. The chains that lay dormant throughout the city can be animated at will by the city guards and can be ordered to attach to an iron collar at moments notice. Visitors caught out after curfew will be collared, as will those who violate any of the cities numerous laws.

The Use of Magic
In the Shadow lands, magic is neither strange nor secret. Everyone sees the products of magic daily, though only a few master magic. In the country, raincallers call storms to water crops. Farmers use magic to complete their chores when they can afford to. In the cities, magical services are common. Tradesfolk work magic into their products, making weapons stronger, fabric more beautiful and other items better.

The Great Library and the Total Codex
The greatest library in the world resides within the City of Chains, and within its walls lies the famed Total Codex. The total codex is said to hold the entire knowledge of the world prior to the War of Creation.

Unusual Currency
The currency of Jedda Tul is unlike the currency anywhere else in the world. Rather than precious metals or jewels, the denizens of Jedda Tul use the knuckles of humanoids as their currency. Many a gambler has lost a hand in games of chance.

The City of Chains is an extremely orderly and lawful place, if only because the city itself will not tolerate crime. Chains litter the city and each can animate and attach itself to collared citizens almost instantaneously. Additionally, Kytons serve as the official guards of the city, although they only patrol in small numbers during the day. At night however the city belongs to them and the sounds of dragging chains and the occasional scream is a constant reminder to obey the curfew.

Jedda Tul

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