The Free Cities

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Thirteen city-states make up the Free Cities. Off the southern coast of the border of Valendar and Jedda Tul, the pirates who inhabit these regions are seen as both outlaws and heroes. Notorious for their attacks on shipping lanes are far north as Veld, they coast the civilized nations of the world a fortune each year. However, they are equally know for their attacks on Jedda Tul and frequently ransom slaves back to their native lands.

There are significant differences between the culture of the various cities, but they all have been granted diplomatic favor with Dhamara after a prominent Elven ambassador was quietly rescued from Jedda Tul and returned home. Since then the Elven fleet, the only navy capable of thoroughly chasing down and exterminating the pirate cartels, has turned a blind eye to the activity of the pirates – providing that Elven ships continue to be left alone.

Besides the traditional gods many pirates worship the Naga themselves. Fearing for the safety of their ships no arcane wielders are permitted on their ships, although some do inhabit the cities themselves.
When slaves are taken in boarding actions, the crews carefully check them before storing them aboard their ships.

Rumors of Flame
Rumors abound that a pirate king has stolen a dragon egg from Aldrake. The last record of a dragon egg was written 300 years ago. Could it be that the dragons of Aldrake are spawning young again?

The Free Cities

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