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To the north Veld, lacking access to the strictly guarded secrets of the Valenar mage academies, has turn to the pursuit of ancient technologies left behind by the Dwarves. Hunted by Valenar priests for their use of these profane artifacts, until recently Veld had been but a small player on the world stage. Rumors of ancient technologies unearthed and the ability to craft life from metals remain unconfirmed.

With the discovery of a massive Dwarven chamber underneath the Western Huntswood ten years ago, Veld has developed at a rate unheard of in modern times. Leveling the Huntswood in its entirety the fabled Glass Palace was built over the opening to the chambers entrance. Hooked up to some of the devices below the palace has the power to generate non-magical light sources and a variety of other marvels.

Factories have sprung up around Veld and the subsequent popular boom has fueled their development at a frenzied pace. Numerous expeditions have been funded to attempt to excavate further Dwarven sites, but have meet with mostly poor results.


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