War of Creation

The War of Creation

No one truly knows what started the War of Creation, but according to the Imperial records in Valenar it was mankind’s unregulated attempts to wield the darker elements of magic. Wizards, unchecked in their research of the Arcane tore open a temporal rift between the Shadow Plane and the mortal realm. Demons and devils poured into the world, instantly bringing the Trellian nation to its knees. Where it not for the combined alliance of the creator races the world would have fallen.

The Dwarves and Elves refused to share their secrets further with the world, and demanded that the use of magic be restricted. Valenar established its Arcane Colleges and all mages who refused to join were hunted down by the Church.

Back when I joined up with the Legion there was a mad priest who regaled anyone too tired to move away with his theory about the Edge of All – that line between the land and nothingness out beyond the Gods Wall, where the dark powers arose.

He claimed the world is double-sided and constantly spinning, like a coin tossed in the air, and the living and the dead are held to its surface by sorceries too powerful for humans to master.

“…And so the light and the dark hold dominion successively, and the land belongs in turn to men, or to the forces of darkness.”

I grew as tired of his affected vocabulary as I did of his idiotic ideas, but I confess I felt a small twinge of sadness when he died. I never got his name either.

-from the journal of Alisstar Sardon

War of Creation

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