The Far East

The Far East is a vast expanse of lawless territory. Once the target of expansion by Aldrake and Valenar, dreams of conquest have been tabled over the years in the face of greater domestic threats. The Far East is made up of the Ten Tribes, the Minor Holds, and the Demon Wastes.

The Ten Tribes
A collection of warring orc lords, the Ten Tribes keep to themselves unless unified by a particularly powerful leader. Due to the infighting, their numbers are kept checked and their expansions are kept in check by the lightning raids of the Huntsmen of Baradune.

The Minor Holds
Once the furthest outpost of the Valenar Empire, the minor holds have long been abandoned to the creatures of the wild.

The Demon Wastes
Warped by the dark powers of the War of Creation, the Demon wastes are a land saturated with arcane energies. Prolonged exposure causes flesh to buckle and burn; not real attempts to explore this region have been made.

The Far East

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