The Forest Spirit

The Forest Spirit (Ashami)
Also known as:
The Wild One, The Provider, The Bountiful One

Ashami, the deity of nature, is the elven god of nature. Despite being one of the most revered gods, Ashami remains neutral in the affairs of gods and mortals alike. Many non-elven communities depict her as a member of their own race, but with rarest exception all depictions of her are female.

The only deity with whom Ashami is in opposition to is Logok, the orc god of slaughter. Their wanton destruction of her forests and bounty appalls her. The druidic orders of Ashami often enlist the aid of rangers to help keep marauding orcs at bay.

Clerics and druids of Ashami are friends to all who live in harmony with the natural world. They realize that the wilds can sometimes be ugly, dangerous, or terrible, and that these things are a part of nature and should be respected as much as those that are beautiful, harmless, or wonderful.

The Forest Spirit

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