The Maiden

The Maiden( )
Also known as:
The Virgin, The Fair One, The Daughter

The Maiden is the estranged daughter of the Alfather and the Raven Queen. Shunned because of her natural abilities to wield the arcane, the Maiden has been cast out by her family and her followers are actively hunted and killed. Her secret abilities discovered by her lover, the maiden cursed him to live his life as a wolf before making her escape. She has since found safe haven with the elven gods who admire her youthful appearance and appreciation for the newness of life and magic.

Her once-betrothed can be seen in most depictions of the Alfather and it was his tragic transformation into a wolf that gifted all canines with the ability to sense arcane users. Watchmen patrol the countryside of Valenar with their trained watch dogs hunting down adicates and worshipers of the Maiden.

Clerics who worship the maiden are rare, especially in Valnear where they are ruthlessly persecuted. Many abdicates form secret temples to the Maiden and pray for her protection and guidance from the demon lords as well as the Alfather.

The Maiden

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