The Orc Lord

The Thirsty One (Logok)
Also known as:
The Slaughterer, The Thirsty One, The Orc Lord

The deity of slaughter, Logok delights in the death of the weak. Once a minor god of battle, after the war of creation he became warped and twisted by the corrupting influence of the demons. He is frequently depicted as an orc with knotted muscles and a blocky frame. His skin is mottled and ruddy, almost as though blood oozes from his pores.

Logok admonishes his followers to shed blood for its own sake, to covet what is not theirs, and to destroy anyone who would deny them anything. He further urges them to bring ugliness and strife to pleasant locales. Never on good terms with the Elven gods, this recent shift has brought the gods to bitter conflict. As more and more elves return to the sanctuary of Dhamara the followers of Logok have expanded unchecked.

Clerics of Logok are typically orcs, and often serve as advisors to great warlords or as warlords themselves.

The Orc Lord

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